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Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure e.V. - FFII

Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure e.V.

The FFII is a global network of associations dedicated to information about free and competitive software markets, genuine open standards and patent systems with lesser barriers to competition. The FFII contributions enabled the rejection of the EU software patent directive in July 2005, working closely with the European Parliament and many partners from industry and civil society. CNET awarded the FFII the Outstanding contribution to software development prize for this work. FFII continues to defend your right to a free and competitive software market and informational freedom.

Hot topics

Today the European Parliament committed suicide as a legislator in patent law. Captive patent courts will now validate EU-wide software patents without the need of a debate in Parliament(s).

Unitary patent


Press releases


DFD 2012

On Document Freedom Day 2012 (March 28th) Internet company 1&1 was awarded for offering an open standards based and interoperable chat application to their customers. (More info)

DFD 2011

FFII supports the EU Hackathon The Hack4Transparency event will take place from Tuesday 8 to Wednesday 9 November 2011 and will be the first-ever ‘hackathon’ within the European Parliament.

DFD 2011

On Document Freedom Day 2011 (March 30th) tagesschau.de was awarded by FSFE and FFII for making their programs available in the open video format "Ogg Theora". (More info)

Goddess Ashtonia

In a confidential manner the EU, US and Japan negotiate an Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). No official drafts are published. ACTA will contain a new international benchmark for legal frameworks on the enforcement of copyrights, trade mark rights, patents and others. FFII ACTA WG presents an analysis of the planned Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). Please follow our ACTA blog for the latest developments.

interop levels

FFII analyses a new European Interoperability Framework 2.0 Draft. FFII explains why a release in its current form would undermine interoperability enforcement. The new draft is a follow-up to a famous earlier document 1.0 with a strong emphasis on genuine open standards (and open source). The FFII makes 10 recommendations on how to improve the EIF 2.0.

Europen petition to stop software patents in Europe

New European petition to stop software patents: With support the FFII and others, software developers launched a petition in 28 languages to stop software patents and protect European innovators. It requests legislative clarifications to clear out the legal uncertainty and imbalances created by software patents. We encourage you to sign the petition, http://stopsoftwarepatents.eu/211000297544/

The FFII's Amicus Curiae Brief

Bilski case at the Supreme Court: The FFII and IP Justice filed a joint Amicus Curiae Brief to the U.S. Supreme Court. The case Bilski v. Kappos is expected to become a landmark ruling on the future of the U.S. patent system. Our Brief explains the dangers of software and business methods, the interlink between both, and points out alternatives to the so called Machine-or-Transformation test used for categorizing patents. Copies of our Brief were provided to each of the Justices and to a large number of depositories around the US. Bilski v. Kappos is considered the single most important decision worldwide on the issue of patents on business methods, software and algorithms since the rejection of the EU Software Patents Directive. Read more.

EPO referral on the question of software patents (G03/08)

EPO Referral on the question of software patents. Interested parties were invited to file statements - Amicus Briefs - to the EPO Enlarged Board Of Appeal. The FFII created a working group to contribute to the referral, and a dedicated staff team worked full time on this issue. The FFII submitted a statement, helped other players and raised awareness to many affected corporations about the Referral. More than 89 statements have been published by the EPO Register. Find out more about the G3-08 Referral.

How to help us

The FFII is funded partly from individual membership fees, and partly from donations from individuals and larger donors from industry and civil society. Your donations and other contributions help us to make a difference.

If you want to get involved in the FFII, subscribe to our thematic mailing lists, or look at the Home areas of action.

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